DieselTRADE based in Krasnoyarsk on the basis of the well-known Krasnoyarsk company Denso-Diesel-Service «AutoDIESEL». We tried to collect our rich experience on the creation and development of a diesel car service on this platform. And now on this site we offer you a comprehensive solution for creating a direction for the repair of diesel fuel equipment in your car service or even opening a new business in this direction.

Our main adventages

Technical supprt

Free update of test becnhes, any quastions about technical problems.

Free training

in the biggest diesel center of Krasnoyarsk

Online diagnostic

of test benches through the internet

We use the contract

for supply and give a warranty

A little about us:

The company DieselTrade LLC is one of the best in the segment of equipment for the repair of fuel equipment. At your service are not just sellers, but a whole team of engineers and fuelmen. The vast experience in repairing fuel equipment will help you solve many problems at the first stage of opening your diesel service. After the purchase, you can always count on our help.

We understand that a new direction or modernization is undoubtedly associated with financial difficulties. When planning, it is necessary to take into account many factors, such as price, reliability, payback, warranty, the ability to quickly get advice, undergo an internship or training in the chosen direction. It was these factors that we took into account when creating such a company.

DieselTRADE offers a comprehensive approach to creating a car service or a site for repairing diesel fuel equipment: equipment, tools, spare parts, training.

Since 2018, emphasis has been placed on import substitution of Chinese products. We designed and built the Russian test bench Cri, and then launched mass production under our trademark. However, we continue to work on a joint project for the production of stands with Chinese partners, also using our trademark.

Our details:

Limited Liability Company DieselTrade

LLC DieselTrade

TIN 2465209400 KPP 246501001

Legal / Actual Address:

660020, Krasnoyarsk, Spandaryana St., 10

Account 40702810500030084120

Krasnoyarsk branch of JSCB «LANTA-BANK» (CJSC) Krasnoyarsk

cash account 30101810000000000702

BIC 040407702

OGRN 1082468026410

OKPO 86619683